Is It Ice?

Is It Ice?

Scientists are pondering this latest photo from the surface of Mars. A white patch of soil appearing in two previous digs of the Phoenix Lander is clearly visible in this new dig. It’s important to note that the white layer is not the deepest part of the hole, and it doesn’t extend throughout. Has the digging exposed a patch of ice? NASA will be watching the area closely over the next couple of days for signs of condensation or sublimation, plus will be digging deeper.


~ by aspoeth on June 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Is It Ice?”

  1. What was the outcome? I read somewhere that they had confirmed the presence of water?

  2. A couple of days later, they noticed that a couple of the ‘chunks’ had disappeared. In this blog post,, I’ve got a video with the before and after shots.

    The conclusion was that it must have been water ice. Carbon dioxide ice can exist under certain conditions on Mars, but not at that time of year and location (low atmospheric pressure, temperature too high).

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